Qualified Buyers Agent

Benefits of a buyer’s agent

Several people will have heard the term buyer’s agent, they would have no knowledge of who one is or how they could be of help. Actually, there are 3 main benefits of a buyer’s agent. Firstly, it permits for promotion of buyer agency. Second off, it permits buyers to get free information on homes and allows them to understand the several factors when buying a home successful!

Finally, the buyer’s agent enables the assistance of individuals who want to purchase properties in the US.

Goal for a buyer

The overall goal for a buyer and the services which buyer’s agents are providing would allow a buyer and the process of purchasing a home a simpler one. It does not matter if you’re buying your first home or you are interested in adding real estate to your portfolio, a buyer’s agent is the perfect person to help you accomplish all your objectives.

Importance to have an agent

The National Buyers Agent Association understands and believes that it is of the greatest importance to have an agent involved when a buyer is seeking to buy a house or a seller is trying to sell a house. This is much different than with an agent or a company because they just can’t be interested in both parties equally!

As a potential buyer (or seller) who is interested in purchasing or financing a property, it’s vital that you have an agent who will negotiate hard for the location you really want

Associations can assist you locate a qualified Buyer’s Agent anywhere in the United States there are also other associations in other parts of the world also that are available, waiting to help you purchase or sell your home with the help of a professional and knowledgeable buyers agent!

Role of a Buyer’s Agent

So why are more people choosing to use a buyer’s agent?

1.    Professional property buyers agents are property experts and have detailed information on the areas that they specialize in. properties that have better potential for capital growth and those to avoid.

2.    A buyers agent searches and reviews the details of hundreds of properties each week and inspects dozens of short listed properties on your behalf, saving you hundreds of hours of legwork contacting all the selling agents – you are taken straight to the best properties.

3.    Buyers agents use their contacts in the real estate profession to obtain details of properties before they are even advertised on the open market (often called silent sales). The advantage for buyers is that you are not competing against other buyers to purchase the property.

4.    Because your buyers agent is doing this full-time they are able to search extensive range of properties than you would be able to yourself. This ensures that you have a wider and better selection of properties to choose from.

5.    A buyers agent does all the research and due diligence for you, liaising with property valuers, building and pest consultants, engineers, surveyors, architects and other consultants as required to ensure your property represents value in every respect.

6.    Buyers agents are experienced negotiators. They will negotiate on your behalf o secure the property at the lowest possible price. They know the right tactics and strategies to use when dealing with real estate.

7.    Because property buyers agent refer a lot of business to building and pest inspectors and solicitors, they tend to be more responsive.