Originally from MN, I have lived in Phoenix for  30 years. I have been a realtor for the past eight years working with home buyers, sellers, and rental properties throughout the valley.

I have two grown children who are graduates of ASU. I am currently fostering a four year old.

Prior to practicing real estate, I obtained my Master of Education Degree and taught the 7th grade for 15 years. Being a real estate agent is a bit like teaching.

A real estate agent’s job is to guide your clients through the home buying or selling process, essentially teaching or educating them about each step. Helping navigate through the process – similar to how students need help navigating a new subject. Home buyers and sellers have questions – the real estate agent provides the answers in a way that is understood.  The real estate agent needs to show patience and understanding in trying to help the home seller or buyer achieve their goal. Just like a teacher needs to show patience and find a way to help each student achieve their learning goal.

I love helping people and seeing their happiness when they finally get those keys in their hands, and become an official home owner!